The Children’s Cancer Hospital – Egypt 57357 (CCHE) is known for its innovative initiatives and performance standards of incomparable quality. The Recreative Therapy Center is a center for creativity that is a product of this out of the box mindset that the Children’s Cancer Hospital – Egypt 57357 (CCHE) upholds with pride.

The Recreative Therapy Center is the only place at CCHE where the child comes willingly. It is a space where children can express, explore, adjust and be aware of their emotions and thoughts through the making of art.

We intend at RTC, to stimulate young minds to discover inner strength through the creative process, making them more grounded emotionally, socially, intellectually in their greater community.

We believe

At RTC, in continuously challenging ourselves creatively by introducing to our children the most innovative and beneficial developmental artistic workshops and activities.

The art making that we provide helps our children develop in all aspects; emotionally, intellectually, creatively, socially and physically. We deliver this with the help of all our specialized volunteers.

To apply as a volunteer or come visit us

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We aim to 

  • Conserve the rights and the humanity of our children to live stable and balanced lives.
  • Build self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Find inner peace.
  • Create positive views of the world for our children.
  • Create a safe and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Help our children take control and responsibility of their own lives.
  • Give our children freedom of expression and be themselves.
  • Help our children push the limits of their imagination.
  • Instill the importance of discipline and hard work in their way of thinking.
  • Improving negative behaviors and attitudes of our children.


Our Values

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