We make it a point to choose a different theme every month to focus on and embed in our youth to give them tools necessary to create better people for a better world. For example: environmental awareness, where we spent a week talking about the importance of taking care of the world that we all live in. We did fun art activities to discuss ways through which each one of us has a responsibility and ability to make a difference; like choosing sustainable options and finding fun ways to start recycling. We even had the founder of Go Clean, a great recycling initiative in Egypt, to come give a presentation about everyone’s individual role in creating a healthier world. At RTC, we encourage recycling with everything that we do so that they see some role models to inspire them to do so in their homes.

Other themes we focus on are the concept of patience and the idea of positive energy. We focus on the topic for a month with conversations, activities, creativity and art making. We take the lesson from previous months with us into new months to collect a huge compilation that will ultimately enable grounded and stable souls.

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