RTC is the only place at the Children’s Cancer Hospital – Egypt 57357 (CCHE) where the child comes willingly. It is a space where children can express, explore, adjust and be aware of their emotions and thoughts through the making of art.

At RTC we aim to continuously challenge ourselves creatively by introducing to our children the most innovative and beneficially developmental artistic workshops and activities. The art making that we provide helps our children develop in all aspects; emotionally, intellectually, creatively, socially and physically. We deliver this with the help of all our specialized volunteers.

Below are some of the workshops and activities we provide, and much more. We are open to any new creative outlets to help stimulate these young minds.

If you have an area of creative or innovative expertise you would like to share with our youth please click here

Workshops and activities include:

  • Teaching fundaments of drawing and painting
  • Expressive drawing and painting
  • Teaching fundamentals of coloring
  • Expressive coloring (collage, clay work, sand work, Lego work, etc)
  • Teaching music
  • Found object activities
  • Leather art
  • Product design
  • Accessory making
  • Origami
  • Drama
  • Celebrating event and special occasions
  • And much more, we are open to any and every creative art making!
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