Abd ElRahman Artwork

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Young Abdel Rahman lost his vision at an early age, but that didn’t stop the artist in him to flourish! Whenever 11-year-old Abdel Rahman walks into El Warsha, there is always a new way to explore the arts. He’s recently been in love with painting! He expresses to one of El Warsha members what he wants to illustrate through imagery, that person translates it with a glue gun so then Abdel Rahman can feel the edges. Once that done, Abdel Rahman then relies on his sense of touch to paint the canvas. It’s truly a beautiful process that we at el Warsha have developed with many of our visually impaired kids, with many variations. This particular piece is very special to Abdel Rahman, as he expressed feeling independent and free for once in his life where he has had to depend on everyone around him to say what he wanted to say. He shared stories of smelling flowers and enjoying nature and asking to be guided to draw some aspects of life that make him feel so happy.

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