Menna Mostafa, a 15-year-old Aswany girl, took advantage of her month-long isolation period in 2019 to catch up with her painting. Menna came out of isolation to find out that her dear grandfather was really sick and soon after passed away. She was heartbroken and was grieving for a long time. This piece is the first piece Menna created after her loss and time in isolation, Menna painted it in honor of her grandfather, who bought her first paintbrushes and art materials. Menna decided to paint the Great Om Kalthum as the fantastic artist moved her that she was, and that inspired every citizen that came across her music; that is the creative and artistic magnitude that Menna aspires to have and to become. Most kids go into isolation and start a cycle of depression and loneliness, Menna though came out saying that she didn’t even feel the month pass by as she was too busy creating. Menna suffered a lot throughout her life but explained that the power of art has always lifted her to where she’s meant to be. Menna teaches us at El Warsha about the power of positive thinking, and the strength it takes to endure and grow through hardships.

Menna Mostafa1

April 20, 2021
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